Desktop Study

Desktop studies are a useful way to initially identify whether a specific site location is susceptible to flooding from an applicable source without visiting site.

An assessment of the flood data currently available is firstly undertaken and all information gathered is then combined to give an overview of the flood exposure at the site including indicative flood depths, existing flood defences as well as flood history. Common sources of data include:

· The Environment Agency (England)

· Natural Resources Wales (Wales)

· The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (Scotland)

· Local Authority/Council

· Water Utility Companies

In some cases, analysis of the flood exposure to a site can reveal that there is negligible risk from all sources investigated and therefore further investigation will not be necessary.

If the site location is shown to be susceptible to inundation, indicative flood depths from each applicable source will be given and a further site-specific assessment will be recommended to further quantify the flood risk to existing buildings/assets or any proposed development.