About Us

Company Background

Flood Consult International has been setup to offer clients from commercial, industrial, insurance and utility sectors a better understanding of their flood risk and how to defend against it. The core staff at FCI have over 25 years’ experience of working in the flood defence industry during which time we have offered consultancy and designed solutions for a variety of assets from a minor extension on a warehouse to a nuclear power station.

During our careers within the industry we worked predominantly in the utility sector protecting sites of Critical National Infrastructure (CNI). These include nuclear infrastructure, grid and primary electricity substations, clean and wastewater treatment works, gas pressure reduction stations as well as telecommunication hub and exchange sites.

Outside of the utility sector we have aligned ourselves with numerous insurance companies reviewing flood exposure of their portfolio clients with a view to providing recommendations to increase the flood resilience/resistance of an asset. Portfolio clients include pub/restaurant chains, hotels and retail outlets.

Our extensive time within the flood defence industry, as well as the diversity of projects in which we have assisted, FCI has built up a substantial knowledge of competent flood defence products and companies. This enables us confidently recommend products and companies who can undertake any flood resilience/resistance measures deemed necessary. We have also been involved in onsite testing of installed flood products as well as factory testing through FM Approvals and BSI.

Capabilities & Coverage

Based in South Wales, FCI operates UK wide, including Republic of Ireland, carrying out a range of flood risk services for clients from residential, commercial, industrial and utility sectors. FCI employ a team of skilled and experienced surveyors dedicated to carrying out flood specific surveys and assessments with a view to offering professional and impartial advice to clients with flood related issues.